Ireland vs. Spain: Or why Airlines shouldn’t do previews


All has been quiet, too quiet (apologies for that) on the Big Man as we have all been enjoying the football/(working and romancing and shit) too much to actually write anything about it. Fortunately, this e-mail dropped into my inbox the other day and saved me the bother.

If you’re interested in their “preview”; the link is here. Of course, given that it’s an Airline, there is a distracting amount of logistical information, but it is maybe worth watching to see if you can spot the Hansenism at the end. Lovely stuff.

If you want a preview by a football ‘expert’ then you should ask one. For what it’s worth, I think Ireland will lose 2-0. Spain are very good, you see, even without strikers.

– Some of us are off to Prague now for a reprisal of this. Should be fun. There’ll be more (as in a greater amount of, not an ongoing accumulation of) in-depth coverage of the knockout stages and England’s glorious last gasp failure/grasp at glory on here when we return.

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