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Benfica 0-1 Chelsea: Why I’m glad the bad guy won

Nirvana’s third album, In Utero, includes the angsty ‘Radio Friendly Unit Shifter’, which kicks against the popular success of Nevermind’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’. On a five times platinum album, bought 4 million times, the irony of the title is … Continue reading

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Love, Hate and the Underdog: Celtic, Kilmarnock, England?

You all think you love the underdog don’t you? Well, you don’t. Continue reading

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Appreciating the role of the central-midfielder

Roy Keane: “Brian Clough’s advice to me before most games was: ‘You get the ball, you pass it to another player in a red shirt.’ That’s really all I’ve tried to do at Forest and United – pass and move – … Continue reading

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Sir Dave Richards and the proud tradition of British diplomacy

Dave Richards is a knight of the realm. An aristocrat. In accordance with a nation-old tradition, he has made us all look like idiots by virtue of his being and thus acting like a total divot. In yet another reminder … Continue reading

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