As Wolves turn to assistant Terry Connor: ‘Come Back, Mick McCarthy, All Is Forgiven’

John Rooney debuted last week with a ‘thanks for everything, but’ to Mick McCarthy. After his club’s long and nearly fruitless search for his successor, John’s back with a changed mind.

Out with the old in with the... ah, different? (image courtesy of Beacon Radio; attribution below*)

They say a week is a long time in politics. If Wolves’ efforts to replace Mick McCarthy are anything to go by, it’s an eternity in football.

A mere seven days ago it looked like the job would go to Alan Curbishley. There were others in the frame, most notably Steve Bruce, but the noises coming from Molineux suggested ‘Curbs’ was their man.

And then, of course, he turned the job down. Not once but twice. Ouch!

The official explanation was that Curbishley’s vision for the club didn’t match that of the chairman, Steve Morgan. What their respective visions were no one is saying but one thing was certain – replacing McCarthy was going to be harder than first thought. This was confirmed earlier this week – again, not once but twice – when Brian McDermott of Reading and retired Walter Smith declared themselves not interested.

The one bright spot in a miserable week was the news that SAGA were reported to be interested in a shirt sponsorship deal. I suspect, however, this was an internet rumour spread by a mischievous Baggies fan.

As I write, the latest news coming from Molineux is that assistant manager Terry Connor will fill the role until the end of the season. With the greatest of respect to Terry, if he was the right man for the job he would have been offered it straight away. Morgan claims his appointment will bring stability to the club but, if anything, it will do the opposite. The supporters will see him as a remnant of a failed regime and, unless the points come thick and fast, they won’t get behind him.

The search for a new manager had almost become as embarrassing as the defeat by West Brom that led to it. Mercifully, that search is over for now and, with a (nearly) new man in place, maybe everyone at the club can give their full attention to the small matter of beating relegation.

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* Image courtesy of Beacon Radio; some rights reserved.

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6 Responses to As Wolves turn to assistant Terry Connor: ‘Come Back, Mick McCarthy, All Is Forgiven’

  1. NYWolf says:

    The whole thing raises so many questions.
    Firstly Good Luck to Terry lets get behind him. Who knows what he can do. Been with us 13 yrs so must have something.

    Mick did have to go and sometimes there is not a right time. Clealry should have been earlier but the two Ms were clearly in their comfort zone willing him to succeed.

    Frankly given what was available it was always going to be tough. Trying to get someone on a 13 game basis makes sens but didnt work.

    Mr Morgan is a shrewd business man and is trying to do the right thing. He is I suspect embarrassed and annoyed at the leaks from some candidates, but hey welcome to Pro Soccer.
    I guarantee you he will have learned a few lessons for the future and will not make the same mistake again. We are now told Warnock demanded an answer in 24hrs, thats his call but I applaud the Ms for not taking the decision with a gun at their head.

    One thing for sure better go with what you know than make a bad call. Mick was shell shocked and I doubt knew what to do next.

    What is most concerning to me is the fact that Curbs (my choice) and Mr m did not have a shared vision, I suspect Mr Morgan is trying to re-invent the way Football works and it might not be as simple as he thinks.

  2. Waggies Left Peg says:

    Now we see the reality of the situation, another move to save money, sack McCarthy and appoint his useless partner in crime, hence saving on the wage bill and not caring about the consequences. I for one will not be backing this shameful appointment, after dragging the reputation of the club throught the dirt they come up with this, it is time for Morgan and Moxey to go, they can no longer be trusted with our club and I hope the true Wolves fans will leave them in no doubt about our feelings and sense of betrayal.

  3. DroitwichBaggie71 says:


    Why are these top managers turning us down? well ain’t it blatently obvious come ooonnnn.

    West Bromwich Albion maybe looking for a new Manager come the summer so they are all lining up for that position wouldn’t you?

    Boing Boing 1-5

    • johnwolf says:

      what a w****r, it’s low life like you that give football a bad name -mind you come to think of it that’s the unmentionables middle name.
      Has for our esteemed fans??????????this news is bringing out the parasites who are “not” real fan’s just premiership bandwagon jumpers, good luck Terry go and prove these backstabbers wrong.

  4. DroitwichBaggie71 says:

    Low Life….. I didn’t see me using any profanity in my views
    I’m sorry did I hit a nerve well thats what you get when you spout off when you race 7 point’s clear at the start of the season and start throwing your banter in our direction. I’m pretty broad shouldered so i’ll forgive your pain.

    Out of the darkness cometh the light……… Maybe true but your waiting quite a long time to come out of our shadow……sorry i’m at it again but seriously I feel for you guys and girls cus it must be pretty unbearable at the moment for you and the turmoil your going through.

    I seriously hope TC can turn your season around but not at our expense because I love the BCD and the banter that goes with it and I think the EPL will be a lot less interesting without you in it or us for that matter because we too still have work to do.

    Sorry didn’t mean to offend…. OK maybe a little but only as a little pay back.

    Boing Boing!!! 2-0 sorryyyy

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