When do Arsenal fans start Supporting Tottenham?

For many reasons it’s a tough time to be an Arsenal fan. As Arsenal’s form fluctuates between average and abysmal, arch-rivals Tottenham are going from strength to strength, and the gap between the two teams appears to be greater than it has been for some time, albeit in the opposite direction. Add to this the problem of Piers Morgan championing himself as the voice of Arsenal and all in all it’s a pretty bad time to be a Gooner.

Note: I started writing this on Sunday night after watching Arsenal struggle away at Sunderland and Tottenham trounce Newcastle at White Hart Lane, but thought “well given I will be watching Arsenal Milan on Wednesday and potentially going to the return leg on March 6th there remain obvious reasons why I would remain an Arsenal fan.”

A few days on from originally pondering this issue the question seems even more poignant. Let me explain why I see this as a reasonable question.

Arsenal fans have gone to great lengths over the last 5 years to explain why it doesn’t matter that Arsenal have not won trophies because they play the best football and offer the most enjoyable spectacle for fans. I for one have been a proponent of this argument, telling my many Manchester United fans, all of whom obviously grew up in Manchester/ first watched Man United / friend’s cousin’s uncle was a Man U fan…, that I would prefer to watch the beautiful game with no two minute trophy lift at the end of the season than a series of solid defensive displays and 1-0 wins. I believe that even up until last season this was the case. I loved Nasri’s early season form, Fabregas was still capable of dominating or changing a game, Wilshere was playing with the composure of someone at the midpoint of a world-class career and van Persie was still smashing in goals with ease. But this is no longer the case.

If, like me you don’t have a boyhood link to a football team, the first game you went to was a game in Dingwall involving Ross County and your Dad couldn’t give two shits about any of the big teams in England and supports Kilmarnock, you make a choice who to support and there is no reason other than the mindless loyalty fans usually devote to their clubs as to why you shouldn’t switch your loyalty from club to club, staying loyal to your footballing philosophy rather than your club.

This makes it a little awkward for an Arsenal fan at the moment. Clearly Arsenal are not the purest footballing team in the Premiership anymore, there is no exciting signings and even the perennial potential of the team looks a little worrying. So who to support? I would say the three best footballing sides right now are; Man City, Tottenham and Swansea. As much as I would love to see Swansea rewarded with a large fan base, most of their good players will move on and trips to Swansea aren’t particularly exciting. So that leaves City and Tottenham. The issue with City is that whilst their on-field play may be indicative of a pure footballing philosophy their off-field business is anything but pure, they are trying to buy the league and appear to be placing very little impetus on developing their own players.

So there we have it, one option left: Tottenham Hotspur. With attacking full-backs, speedy wingers and the creativity of Modric and van der Vaart running the game Tottenham offer the closest thing to pure football available at the moment. If everything we said was true and Arsenal fans chose to follow Arsenal as they offered the most aesthetically pleasing football, surely it is only a matter of time until they start transferring their allegiance across town to Tottenham.

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17 Responses to When do Arsenal fans start Supporting Tottenham?

  1. Ould AzzA says:


  2. georgeogier says:

    I’m not sure many fans will blindly switch allegiance but if the pattern of great football continues at WHL I suspect the next generation of North London fans will be Spurs heavy this time.

  3. Steve of Chiang Mai says:

    Can not have been written by an Arsenal fan…..the Spuds could beat us 10-0 and win 5 titles in a row and no self respecting Gooner would even consider a swap……they might consider suicide but the other is unthinkable!!!

    Oh and any real Arsenal fan consider Piers Morgan to be the worlds greatest Twat!

  4. drwinston007 says:

    haha, expect plenty of negative comments on this piece from mindless idiots. Just for those simple folk out there the writer isn’t actually saying he or other Arsenal fans should start following Spurs, he’s simply pointing out that the past 5 years of saying it’s all about the football and not about the winning has been an excuse and not true at all because if it were you would no longer support Arsenal because they’re no longer playing the best football in the country.

  5. Muz says:

    Good satire. Will go over many people’s heads unfortunately.

  6. rochey says:

    it wasn’t that long ago that Arsenal played terrible football and all their supporters were more than happy to see it lumped up to the likes of Alan Smith as long as it got them a trophy and the higher ground over Spurs. No trophys, now no steel, and no light at the end of the tunnel (just Wiltshire on crutches).

  7. g clarke says:

    reading blogs most arsenal watchers are spurs supporters

  8. Ould AzzA says:

    51 years since the Spuds won anything important. One lucky run doesn’t make them great

    • tottenhamultra says:

      hahahaha…51 years since we won anything Important? Check your facts, you’ll find it’s 21 years, but that is 21 years too long obviously. Besides we’ve had 100% more silver wear then you in the last 5 years, so you need to hush up. Also when you look at the players at our disposal compared to yours, it is no wonder why we are 10 points ahead of you. This isn’t luck, because luck doesn’t exist, it’s somehing that is made. I’m all up for banter and all that, but this comment is pathetic and is created from hatred rather then rational thinking

  9. James says:

    Great article, Sean.

    I wrote this piece about nine months ago (http://goodfeetforabigman.com/2011/05/02/arsenal-the-neutral's-team-of-choice/) about the swell of good feeling towards Arsenal. It now seems as though Tottenham are becoming the neutral’s team of choice – this season, they’ve certainly been mine.

  10. Luca James Sparks says:

    err yeah, piss off to the spuds then lad, if you can do that after 1 bad season then good riddance, we don’t need your kind and we never did.

  11. Gavin says:

    The assumption from Arsenal fans over the last 15 years is that they have ALWAYS played the most aesthetically pleasing football, which is completely delusional. There is a difference between playing consistent great football and playing the best. They are guilty of the first, but not the second. In the mid 90’s Liverpool played some lovely neat stuff, but were useless. They released a song called ‘pass and move its the Liverpool grove’ which I assume Arsene bought a copy of and enjoyed. Utd with the Scholes, Beckham, Giggs, Keane midfield played equal if not better football and as Rochey points out, Arsenal played some horrific stuff under Graham.

    The article correctly illuminates those Arsenal fans who have built there support on a house of cards. What now?

  12. Bob says:

    I used to support arsenal now I support totteham and completed my change today by kissing the spurs badge

  13. tojo says:

    Same the best choice I ever made goys we spurs

  14. taku says:

    I think mabye I should start supporting tottenham but am a gunner at the mo should I switch by kissing the badge or not

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