Fabio Capello Resigns as England Manager; Harry Redknapp should stay at Tottenham

Fabio Capello giving someone the finger (apt); Image courtesy of Dekuwa, attribution below*)

Luis Suarez was valourised. Joey Barton was (up for being) martyred. John Terry survived. Gus Poyet was ignored. Fabio Capello, who came much later to English football’s winter of (racial) discontent, resigned.

That it came to this is odd, really, given that Capello has apparently walked away from a high-profile, highly paid job with a uniquely light workload. It is made weirder by the ease with which it could have been avoided.

Whether he walked (which seems, given the above somewhat unlikely) or was walked out is a moot point. Really, the issue could have been resolved easily or at least irresolved privately.

Capello’s contrary view on the Terry affair became public because he was asked about it, for the first time, in public. This is ridiculous. The FA’s decision (in fact, it is probably less a decision than an omission) not to consult with the manager before taking the populous (all be it correct) decision to remove Terry is completely, to reverse the epithet their press release bestows on their departing manager, unprofessional.

Why Harry Redknapp would want to swap his cushy job at Spurs, under a chairman who buys him world class players for whom he daren’t even ask (which is less risky, but no less generous, than cash deposits in childishly named** offshore bank accounts), for this is incredible too (which doesn’t, off course, mean it won’t happen***).

* Image courtesy of Dekuwa; some rights reserved.

** Rosie 47 is the product of the sort of reasoning that led to that e-mail address that you had to change when you started applying for *proper* jobs.

*** It will: Redknapp for England!

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2 Responses to Fabio Capello Resigns as England Manager; Harry Redknapp should stay at Tottenham

  1. Graham says:

    Quite right. Ridiculous situation.

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