The Romance of the Cup: Part 2 – Romance is Dead

If you haven’t already, you can read the background to David’s story here.

I return to this subject later than anticipated – it’s a long journey back from Nairn, and with Whitehill looming tomorrow, closure is needed.  In Part 1 I spoke of the anticipation and about our exciting billing of uber-underdogs.  In the end we played the part well in a performance of defiance, resilience and even skill, but which ultimately left us with that horrible ‘so close’ feeling.

We took the bus up North on the Friday night in high spirits.  Spirits which were lifted even further by our luxury accommodation – a bonus unexpected by all.  All was set for a good sleep, after which there was the seemingly inordinate wait for 3 o’clock to come round.  Nerves came and went in phases and it was a relief to get the boots on and warm up.

The game was hard fought but scrappy in the first half and we more than held our own.  We started the second half in unorthodox fashion with a preplanned shot from halfway on Nairn’s rather short pitch.  Jamie Gibson’s well struct effort grazed the crossbar but was well covered by the keeper.  Not long after Gibson got the first goal of the game, a fact he attempted to place a bet on on the morning of the match but unfortunately could not find a willing book maker.

The pressure from Nairn mounted thereafter and my game was run.  It was clear that the team was tiring too and we succumbed to a through ball as concentration slipped.  A penalty save gave us belief to back up our hope but a headed goal broke Selkirk hearts with just 2 minutes remaining.

Poor radio signal on the A9 home and with only an old petrol station bargin CD on the bus the Cheeky Girls did there best to revive the feeling of romance, but inevitably it was dead…at least for one more year.

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