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The Big Man’s Birthday!

Today marks the first anniversary of the first ever post on Good Feet for a Big Man (49 views and counting). We have come a long(ish) way from that first piece of pedantry and are grateful to all those who … Continue reading

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Just as mainstream as Sky (but I’m not obsessed with Manchester City)

This is the first of a series of posts questioning the assumptions that underpin this piece, which I wrote last season, venerating the alternative credentials of the ‘Blog-scene’, credentials in which I, in truth, no longer really believe. This is … Continue reading

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Financial Doping: A Far Bigger Problem Than Arsene Wenger Thought (and he’s at it too)

This appeared on SB Nation on 12/9/11. It appeared on some site called Droppin Dimes or something on that day too, credited to a flagrant plagiarist by the name of Ricky. Tit. What, as George W. Bush doubtless wants to … Continue reading

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The Romance of the Cup: Part 1 – The Anticipation

The romance of ‘The Cup’.  A phrase often banded around during late December when the English FA Cup kicks into gear.  In Scotland the equivalent trophy doesn’t seem to ignite the imagination of the fans in quite the same way.  … Continue reading

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