The Good Feet for a Big Man Fantasy Football League

After two games (or what Mick McCarthy might call a mere 0.055%) of the inaugural Good Feet For a Big Man Fantasy League season, the table is topped by Keith Siah’s Powerhouse. Keith’s early season success has rewarded the Manchester United fan’s early season faith that 2011 will end better for Wayne Rooney than 2010 did. With a tricky game coming up at the weekend for the newly be-haired Wazza (does anyone else think he might be sweating less with his now bouff – increased absorption perhaps?) against the notoriously formidable Arsenal back four, though, will Keith be tempted to transfer the powerhouse out of Powerhouse.

Were he to decide to do so, he may wish to take note of (6th place) Surreal Madrid Fish gaffer Andi Thomas’s suggestion that his captain, Manchester City’s Sergio Aguerro, may struggle with the pressure of being in everybody’s Fantasy Premier League teams. Gavin Marshall, the man behind the sinisterly named (10th placed) Think Carefully, lived up to his portentous persona by describing the half-million purchases of Aguerro as ‘madness, they only play Swansea at home once a season’. James Tulloch of 3rd placed Added Interest concurred, adding that ‘Dzeko is where the value is at’. Bored by Christmas’s Calum Mechie (who forgot to make a transfer between weeks 1 and 2 – Christmas looks ambitious) concluded the conversation inconclusively, taking the time to type and post the letters u and m (twice).

At the other end of the table Graham Burt’s imaginatively named Team Burt, have so far struggled to overcome their manager’s predilection for Arsenal players and lasting faith in the Fantasy value of Chelsea’s Alex – an ideological choice as captain, and one that is yet to pay dividends – and find themselves in a disappointing 28th place.

Below Graham, Samuel Davis’ Beverly FC did enough in week two to suggest they may be able to overcome the managerial sloppiness that resulted in 0.0275% of the season passing them by, hauling themselves into a tie for 31st (last).

Reading this and wishing you were in it? Go to and use league code 58353-260664 to enter.

You can see the full table here. Check the blog for updates throughout the season, and follow us all on Twitter!

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1 Response to The Good Feet for a Big Man Fantasy Football League

  1. Thanks for the mention Calum. If you’re wondering, yes, i have been considering trading Rooney out since week 1 due to his pricetag. My faith in him seems to be reaping benefits so far though. I’ll still have to think about it this coming weekend though. Once Chica comes back, Rooney may go back into his withdrawn role and that causes some problems for me.

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