Good Feet for a Big Man’s (fantasy) Football League

Anyone and everyone who’s called me, or any of us of course (but it’s mainly me), a know-nothing nobody on here now has the chance to prove it by entering the Good Feet for a Big Man Fantasy League. Other renowned stealers of your time (of those prized three minute, on average, parcels) like Jamie Cutteridge and Andi Thomas (first, no doubt, of many) will also put themselves in the stocks.

You can give our arrogant and ignorant behinds a good kick on the fancy new Fantasy Premier League using league code: 58353-260664.

As if exposing us for the charlatans we are isn’t reason enough to join, we will also be writing up occasional pieces profiling this pretend league (it’s easier than actually watching the Bundesliga or Serie A). Sign up by Friday to get a mention in the season preview.

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