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Ruddy Card Rule Needs Overhaul As Norwich Lose Last Man

It was difficult not to feel a little sorry for John Ruddy as he defiantly trudged towards the touchline at Stamford Bridge on Saturday.  Having delicately tickled the onrushing Ramires’ ankle, he was dismayed to see that the referee immediately … Continue reading

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A Considered Response to Manchester United 8 – 2 Arsenal (Part 2)

Here is a link to yesterday’s Part 1, also for a back-catalogue of my Arsenal views see here and here. The problem with the yuppie market is that once you’ve bought it, you have to keep paying for it. If … Continue reading

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A Considered Response to Manchester United 8 – 2 Arsenal (part 1)

In spite of being repeatedly called a ‘rag‘, and much much worse, on the basis of a post in which I suggested that Samir Nasri might not be absolutely necessary to Roberto Mancini’s on-pitch plans at Manchester City (although he … Continue reading

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The Good Feet for a Big Man Fantasy Football League

After two games (or what Mick McCarthy might call a mere 0.055%) of the inaugural Good Feet For a Big Man Fantasy League season, the table is topped by Keith Siah’s Powerhouse. Keith’s early season success has rewarded the Manchester … Continue reading

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