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Manchester or Birmingham: Where’s the Party?

Kenneth McFarlane, a St Johnstone fan and walking encyclopedia of World Cup trivia, makes his debut for The Big Man. The end of the season is always a time for reflection. A time of joyous relief if you’ve just avoided … Continue reading

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Out With a Bang: Good Feet For a Big Man’s Long Champions League Weekend

Champions League final night has always been an exciting time for me. I used to describe it as being better than Christmas, a position I would probably still maintain had it not been for the uninterestingness of the last few … Continue reading

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The Big Man’s All-time Champions League XI

This is a democratic eleven, based on the unpopular First Past the Post voting system. If you take exception to any of our choices, or wish to propose an alternative selection, please do so below the line. Do so, however, … Continue reading

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A Farewell to Owen Hargreaves: How useful you could have been.

Paul Swalwell is a journalism student and football fanatic. You can catch him on Twitter at @pjs2712 It is a shame when you see a career come to a premature end, even more so when the career could have been something brilliant. Owen … Continue reading

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