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How to play football well.

I’d like to take just a few minutes of your time to explain how to play football. To play football, you need to utilize as best you can, the other 10 people wearing the same colour as you are.  You … Continue reading

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3D television: a passing fad or the future of how we watch football?

Tamagotchis – do you remember them? How about the MiniDisc, or – heaven forbid – the Furby? Each of above was, at one point or another, the coolest, newest, most amazing thing ever. Now, they are remembered as fads – … Continue reading

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Kuyt, Zamora & Neville: A Tribute to Football’s Triers

I was struck, while watching Saturday’s football, by three particular interesting items provided by three different media sources, such is the way that information is now overloaded onto us. The first, from genuinely insightful journalist Iain Macintosh, and delivered through … Continue reading

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In Wenger we Trust: the rise and fall of New Labour and the road less trodden.

The story of the rise and fall of New Labour and the lessons it contains for Arsene Wenger. Continue reading

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