Thursday Football Trivia – 10/02/2011

No correct answers last week so we will go again!

Who played for four teams that have won the European Cup but never won the league or European Cup with any of them?

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9 Responses to Thursday Football Trivia – 10/02/2011

  1. Chris says:

    Give us a clue 😛

  2. Aite says:

    R. Van der Vaart. I think: Hamberg, Ajax, Real and Spurs? (not too sure about Hamberg though )

  3. Graham says:

    Some more clues. He once went on strike when he was not given a transfer and he recently lost 2 millions pounds in an investment fraud!

  4. Aite says:

    Spurs won the European cup in the 80’s, before it was renamed!

  5. Aite says:

    My bad, it wad the UEFA Cup in 70’s

  6. Calum says:

    van Hooijdonk!

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