Misguided fans and unnecessary hysteria..

Two things have frustrated me this week, one more then the other.  They both stem from a slightly embarrassing yet hard earned superiority complex of mine.  I am primarily going to address the the less frustrating of the two, but first I will pay polite lip service to the other.

That would be Liverpool.  Now I do not have the time, nor the economic intelligence to tackle a comprehensive report on Liverpool’s current plight. I doubt WordPress have the server space for that anyway.  However in every footballing drama there are heroes and villains. The heroes are always the poor defenceless fans, and the villains are those rich Baron von Greenback American investors who gate crash our noble and reputable game.  I’m just going to go ahead and say it; unfortunately the heroes in this case have all the power but none of the intelligence.  Why oh why organise a march of protest just before handing over the cash with which the villain can now buy the arsenal with which to take over the world?

I’m over it though, and onto other frustrations, namely, Matty Burrows.  Mr Burrows became a bit of a minor phenomenon this week after scoring an audacious 92nd minute winner for Glentoran in a match against struggler’s Portadown.  If you haven’t had the pleasure, here it is here.

The frustration is not actually with the opportunist himself, but more the ignorant hysteria which surrounds it.  Sky Sports news described it as ”one of the best goals of all time” and the attitude of other media outlets has been similar.  The trouble is, as with anything we flippantly describe as genius these days, it had been done before.  Not only that, it has been done much much better.  These clips should not only back up my point, but also serve as some entertainment going into a rather dull looking international weekend.  Feel free to watch as often as you like, you may have to.


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2 Responses to Misguided fans and unnecessary hysteria..

  1. Mansoor says:

    Agreed, there’s a big chance element in Burrows’ effort (no doubt it is pretty special though). Sometimes it’s nice to be reminded of how obscenely good Ibra can be when he wants to be…

  2. Graham says:

    Looks like Liverpool are in even more bother than thought. I would laugh a lot if they got relegated.

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